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some delicious food and lunch to be perfect. How

some delicious food and lunch to be perfect. How

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School backpacks with reinforced stitching, sturdy zippers, and strong fabrics will withstand the rough handling that often occurs in the early school years. Additionally, choosing a lunch bag made from durable and leak-proof materials eliminates any worries about messy spills or food mishaps.

some delicious food and lunch to be perfect. How

At noon, students also come out of the classroom one after another and line up for meals under the guidance of teachers. Students only need to put the campus card hanging on their chest and drop it on the incubator, and they can easily get their lunch.

In order to ensure that the food delivery vehicle can arrive at the school on time without hindrance, and let the students eat steaming food in time, the Erqi District contacted the transportation department to apply for the passage certificate in accordance with the procedure. Two days before the meal, the relevant management departments should send special personnel to the catering enterprise to understand the production process, supervise the purchasing, cleaning and processing of food materials 24 hours a day, and escort the first batch of lunches to the school. When the incubator for each meal is opened, the professionals of the Erqi District Market Supervision and Administration shall inspect, measure and keep samples to ensure the quality and temperature of the lunch, and then the staff will send it to the table of the students.

According to the person in charge of the enterprise: starting from the disinfection of tableware, when our employees are packing, the lunch box is to ensure the temperature. After the dishes come out, we will also use hot air incubators to make the dishes a little higher. When we go out, we also have EPP incubators, including the dining car, which all have compartments, which can ensure that our lunch can reach about 6070 degrees when it is in the hands of the children. The whole process of food distribution from the enterprise to the dining school shall not be more than 2 hours. Keep samples for testing before delivery. Keep more than 100 grams of each dish at 0-8 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. Look at the picture ↓↓↓

some delicious food and lunch to be perfect. How

So when you go out for a picnic, you must bring some delicious food and lunch to be perfect. How to make a quick, delicious, rich and good-looking lunch? Blue torch star integrated cooker may be a good choice.

Get up in the morning to make your own lunch, nutritious and simple, packed with Yu Yisheng thermal insulation lunch box, with 3 independent food boxes, each with a good sealing lid, can be more heat preservation, prevent the taste, keep the original taste of the food is particularly good, but also can achieve the fresh-keeping effect, the fruit will not change taste. Can also carry on the nutrition match, eats healthy ~