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simple use of hot towel s on the face can

simple use of hot towel s on the face can

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6. For a picnic, you must choose a sunny day to travel. Try to use bamboo picnic baskets. According to the density of items, Hefei open-air barbecue sites are stacked from large to small and from bottom to top. The gaps are filled with paper towels to prevent shattering and compression.

simple use of hot towel s on the face can

What worries the villagers more is rubbish. Although most people are environmentally conscious and clean up after eating, there are not enough garbage bins on the roadside. As soon as the wind blew, the sterilized paper towels, food packaging and beverage bottles used for the picnic were blown away.

For example, create a “fire escape” scene: a fire breaks out somewhere, with water, towels, quilts, clothes, doors, windows and other items, and young children carry out escape drills to protect themselves on the spot.

After washing your hair, massage your hair with a formula. It is recommended to use hot steam steaming, or wrap your hair in a hot towel and wait 15 minutes for it to cool and dry before rinsing.

Many people cherish the car very much, but they have not found the right way, thinking that wiping it with a towel will make the car clean and tidy. In fact, when cleaning the car, there are many local methods, after learning, cleaning the car is not only easy but also very fast, so that we are like driving a new car every day, the mood will be very comfortable.

simple use of hot towel s on the face can

Facial towels & facial towels: in the past, people used towels or face washers, but after using them for a long time, they will find it difficult to clean the dirt on towels and face washings. Cotton soft towels are used at one time. Do not worry about the problem of bacterial infection after long use. As for the face towels with pearl lines, they can absorb water quickly, and the water locking power is several times larger than that of normal plain lines, making it more comfortable to use.

Method: the drop in temperature in autumn lowers your metabolic cycle as well. So the skin will look dull and dry. The simple use of hot towels on the face can make the blood circulate. Hot compress should be applied about 3 times a week. .

In the case of warm wind, the necessity of electric towel rack is not too great. As long as you leave the bathroom, set 30-60 minutes of regular hot air drying, coupled with natural evaporation, you can basically keep the towel dry.