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will provide free working lunch es and appropriate subsidies.

will provide free working lunch es and appropriate subsidies.

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Olympic champion Gu Ailing once said: “Sorry to other mothers, but my mother is better than you.” I think my mother should make me proud to say the same thing. Let me tell you why. My mother has straight black hair and big eyes. My mother, like all women in China, is simple, kind and diligent. She is very busy at work, but I clearly remember that she took good care of me. When I was in high school, she got up early every day to bring me breakfast and went to school at noon to bring me lunch. When I was in college in Nanjing, I missed my mother very much. I look forward to my mother cooking a good meal for me when I get home during the summer vacation.

In terms of food quality, in May, documents released in Handan showed that food was served as a staple food of four dishes (two meat and two vegetarian) per meal, which was not the same from Monday to Friday. The dining mode adopts “semi-finished product + satellite kitchen processing” or third-party enterprise direct feeding mode, which is uniformly equipped with incubator and distributed by the special vehicle for food supply identified by the whole city. But up to now, it seems that the lunch of children in some schools has become two vegetarians and one meat, which has also been confirmed in the mouth of parents.

It is understood that the food delivery incubator can keep a constant temperature for four hours to ensure that the lunch actually distributed to the students is not less than 65 degrees Celsius. The menu is not the same 5 days a week, and the standard food is two meat dishes, one vegetarian dish, one staple food, one non-staple food and one soup.

will provide free working lunch es and appropriate subsidies.

Germany Booni thermal insulation lunch box built-in food box, using an independent sealing design, rice, vegetables, soup can be packed separately, will not taste. The bottom floor is used to hold soup, the middle two floors are used to hold staple food and meat, and the upper layer is used to hold stir-fried vegetables. You can enjoy the delicacy of three dishes and one soup every day, and even the work will be more motivated! Of course, the bucket can also be directly filled with rice soup, super large capacity, to share with colleagues, or picnics are very convenient.

Distribution enterprises. Anhui Liuheyi Fast Food is a national AAA credit enterprise and a food hygiene demonstration unit in Anhui Province. The company has strict hygiene management system and perfect disinfection supporting facilities. in order to solve the problem of fast food heat preservation, Liuheyi spent a lot of money to customize a special incubator, fast food does not cool within four hours, and the 10-second high-speed packaging process prevents the growth of bacterial dust. the food safety grade environmental protection plastic recyclable lunch box is large in weight, does not cross-taste, and avoids the risk of cross-infection. The speed of food delivery is guaranteed by the five major distribution points in the city and a number of full-time delivery staff.

A few days ago, Qingdao Stomatological Hospital released information to recruit volunteers for medical guidance for women aged 45-52 who have gone through retirement procedures, mainly to guide patients, assist patients in self-registration, pay fees, check, print reports and other medical guidance services. the hospital will provide free working lunches and appropriate subsidies.

The next day we will cross the glacier and rest on the gravel heap there, because as the altitude rises, the body will gradually feel the same. Here, you can try to kneel down and worship the god Goradan. It is said that Gladendong is a male god and somewhat rejects women. Moreover, the god Goladandong also has a very strange feature, that is, he does not like people to be too submissive; after lunch here, people can watch the ice Tallinn from afar, enjoy the crystal ice peaks, and eat by the way.