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thing as a free lunch . We have heard

thing as a free lunch . We have heard

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Women should try not to choose raw and cold drinks during their menstruation. Eating more lean food is the best drink in summer. Such as eating porridge in the morning and evening, and drinking soup at lunch, it can not only give rise to thirst, cool and summer heat, but also replenish the body. When cooking porridge, add some lotus leaves, taste fragrant, porridge slightly bitter, can awaken the spleen and appetizer, have the effect of dispelling summer heat, nourishing stomach and clearing intestines, Shengjin and relieving thirst. When cooking porridge, add some mung beans or cook soup with mung beans alone, which has the effects of relieving heat and relieving thirst, clearing heat and detoxification, promoting diuresis, etc.

As the saying goes, “Food is the most important thing for the people.” For us who are growing up, the balance and richness of food nutrition is even more important, and the country pays special attention to this matter. The National Health and Family Planning Commission specially issued the “Student Nutrition meal Standard” to guide the production of nutritious meals; in order to improve the food of rural students, in June 2012, the Ministry of Education and other 15 departments issued five supporting documents such as the “detailed rules for the implementation of the Nutrition improvement Plan for Rural compulsory Education students”. Since entering primary school, my nutritious lunch has been constantly changing, not only the dishes are constantly updated, but also the containers containing food are being replaced, from the ordinary containers at the beginning to the current metal inner tank, plastic shell insulation, fresh-keeping buckets; the school has also organized family committee parents to visit catering companies many times.

The four-grid lunch box with lid used by each of our children is medical stainless steel double-layer insulation, coupled with the outside incubator can maximize the temperature of the meal. Everyone ate such a meat and vegetarian match, and there were happy smiles on their faces in the nutritious and delicious lunch. You know, we children are amazing. After dinner, everyone will put their cutlery in the designated place, the seats will be clean, even the aunts in the canteen are full of praise for us.

“if you want to be fast, you have to let patients and medical staff have a hot meal.” Huang and his colleagues quickly packed more than 1200 lunches, put them in an incubator, and rushed to the square cabin hospital non-stop. The cold wind, the rain and snow, and the slippery road make the usual tense food delivery journey more difficult. During the transit, the comrades in the special catering class were absorbed in order to deliver the hot food to the patients and medical staff earlier.

Another situation is that girls have reached marriageable age after graduate school, although every company keeps saying that it does not discriminate against female employees, but there is no way. In the eyes of the boss, the reproductive difficulties of female employees are always one of the key reasons for thinking. And continue to pursue further studies may be a good choice, the most discussed is the choice to continue postgraduate studies after graduation, or direct employment. At present, the employment competition for undergraduate graduates is very fierce, but after graduation, such employment opportunities are even less. Our famous economist Stigler once said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. We have heard this sentence countless times, but it is a pity that we have not seriously considered it and ignored the opportunity cost behind the benefits. In a relative definition, it is the greatest social value of the benefits of doing it.

Not long ago, when the buffet was about to close, Ye Xiufang found that there was still one lunch left in the incubator. She compared the meal tickets collected that day with the names of the old people who ordered food in Zhejiang Province, only to find that Uncle Hu did not come to pick up the meal.

thing as a free lunch . We have heard

Both fitness people and people who are losing weight will often choose to eat some salad. now there are a wide variety of salads on the takeout menu, including a variety of vegetables, meat, eggs and grains. But salads known for their health can also be turned into high-energy foods because of too much salad dressing. Sauces such as Thousand Island Sauce and Caesar Salad Sauce, as we all know, have at least 60 or 70 calories in a teaspoon (about 10-15 grams), and a small box of take-out sauce has at least two tablespoons, and many people add a sandwich to the salad, so that the energy of a diet meal is no different from that of a regular lunch. Not only is it a fat-reducing salad, many people also add sauces to other foods: sesame sauce in cold noodles, ketchup in western fast food, sweet and hot sauce in rice, and so on.