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bathroom sanitary ware with towel s, clean all kinds

bathroom sanitary ware with towel s, clean all kinds

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For the sanitary work of the class, I strictly follow the system of the kindergarten. I came to the kindergarten halfway. Since I decided to take part in the work, I have always attached importance to the disinfection of cutlery, towels, floors, doors, windows, toys, and other items. Usually pay attention to observe the situation of the child, when the parents send it in the morning, when I see that the child is in a low mood, I will ask the parents about the situation, especially the children with medicine. When I get up in the morning, I will know that the child washes his face and then dresses up for the child. When doing outdoor or indoor activities, I pay special attention to the personal safety of young children and the nursing work of increasing or decreasing clothing. Summary of the personal work of 20xx caregivers.

Saliva towel * 2, a penguin full screen printing, a solid color, color hook edge, simple and refreshing, square size, used as a bib for the baby, towels are good.

When your car is sent to the car wash for maintenance, although the surface of the car is cleaned very clean, the towels are used for each other when cleaning the car, and there is also a risk of cross-infection. after washing the car, it is recommended to spray the car disinfectant with (Runyanghong) hypochloric acid disinfectant in all parts of the car. After spraying the whole car for 10 seconds, you can get on the car. (Runyanghong) hypochloric acid disinfectant will eventually degrade into water. It will not cause any damage to your car, please rest assured to use it.

bathroom sanitary ware with towel s, clean all kinds

Toilet: adhere to the top-down principle, first recognize the material of the toilet, whether it is made of PVC, aluminum-plastic plate or paint, and then clean it with different cleaning methods according to different materials; clean the bathroom walls with a cleaning ball or board brush, focusing on the gaps in ceramic tiles, and glue stains, coating spots, cement stains, etc. Clean the bathroom sanitary ware with towels, clean all kinds of faucets and pipe fittings with stainless steel cleaning liquid, and finally clean the floor with a floor washer.

During the activity, workers received drinks, cool oil, essential oil, soap, watermelons, towels and other cooling items to relieve summer heat. Zhang Yuzheng, general manager of high-tech environmental protection, said that it is now in a critical period for the review of health cities across the country, and we sanitation workers will certainly live up to the expectations of our leaders and, as always, do a good job in environmental sanitation work, so that the review of health cities will come to a perfect end.