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front enclosure heat insulation pad, luggage decoration liner, car wheel cover, automobile rear partition,

front enclosure heat insulation pad, luggage decoration liner, car wheel cover, automobile rear partition,

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This trailer adopts European-style foamed passenger door with beautiful appearance and better thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. The door is equipped with insect-proof gauze curtain and privacy curtain to effectively avoid mosquito bites and enjoy private space. The door is equipped with trash can and portable step stool, which is made of European plastic to facilitate passengers to get on and off the bus. Overhead skylight, large size and lighting, equipped with anti-mosquito gauze curtain and privacy curtain to meet the car lighting and air circulation. External inflatable 3-meter sunshade, sunshade guide rail using full-car aluminum alloy edge card slot, lightweight and durable, effectively expand outdoor activity space, avoid ultraviolet interference, play more enjoyable. With storage, large space can be used for travel luggage and outdoor supplies.

Because of the round fog lights on the hood, the front drew inspiration from the Porsche 911 rally car. Crash bars and metal grilles protect the dashboard. The luggage rack provides extra storage space and comes with extra LED lights. The small shovel on the rear deck may not be very practical, but it looks good.

Transportation is the “forerunner” of tourism development, and the high-speed railway is the “new carrier” of tourism promotion. With the opening of the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway, the development of Heyuan Literature and Tourism has officially entered the “high-speed rail era”. On January 14, the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway train named “China Wanlu Lake World Dragon” opened from Guangzhou East Railway Station. Beautiful pictures of Heyuan can be seen everywhere on luggage racks, pillow towels and small tables in the train compartments. like a mobile exhibition hall of Heyuan tourism culture, the brand image of “China Wanlu Lake World Chinese Dragon” will be spread to the Greater Bay area and the whole China at the speed of high-speed railway. “there are two such named trains, one of which focuses on promoting Wanlu Lake inside and outside the body. prior to this, we have carried out cultural and tourism promotion activities in five cities along the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed railway.” Heyuan City Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau responsible person introduced.

Inside, the Air has an ultra-thin dashboard with no buttons and knobs; the center console seems to hang in a fixed position between its front seats; and the glass panoramic roof bends back from the top of the hood. Jenkins pointed out to me that the 280-liter space in the front, where the engine is usually placed (what they call a “frunk”), is the largest space an electric car has ever provided. The car has a total of 739 liters of luggage space, which also surpasses most traditional cars.

Ultrasonic sound insulation felt welding: mainly non-woven sound insulation felt (sound insulation cotton, sound insulation pad) welding of automobile internal and external decoration parts. Specifically include car door panel, car ceiling, car trunk, car sound insulation felt, car engine cover, car carpet, car floor mat, car seat cover, car suitcase, car sound insulation parts, car pillowcase, car dashboard liner, automobile non-woven air filter element, car profile cover, car coat rack, car front enclosure heat insulation pad, luggage decoration liner, car wheel cover, automobile rear partition, hood lining, Car seat cushion and so on.

In addition, in 2022, the media photographed Zhang Kaili showing up at the airport alone with her luggage, and the bag on the lever box was also eye-catching. Since 2018, Zhang Kaili has been photographed in front of the public with almost the same bag in her hand. she is rarely seen with a new bag, and the old bag has been following her for three years.

Compression molding is one of the effective processing methods of polyester. This method is relatively fast, automatic and produces less waste. Sheet molding material (SMC) is a collection of resin. Glass fiber, thickener, release agent, pigment and catalyst are integrated, thus the damage of glass fiber can be reduced to a low degree, and the appearance surface can be improved by adding a thermoplastic low shrinkage additive. Successfully developed a 30-second curing and smooth SMC system, which can use polyester to make external parts of the car body, such as engine hood and luggage compartment cover. SMC can also make the dashboard, headlight cover and rear wheel cover of the car. Other grades of SMC can process distribution switches, fuse holders and road lampshades for bathtubs, laundry buckets, waste pools and electrical parts. Processing and application:

After the completion of the body design, the interior decoration parts are designed, including the partition of the car compartment, door decoration panel, dashboard assembly, handrails, carpets and other parts, although it does not have much impact on the running performance of the whole vehicle. In fact, it is related to the image and positioning of the vehicle, and the quality of materials and workmanship can directly reflect the positioning and grade of the vehicle. The exterior accessories include front and rear bumper, radiator cover, front and rear fender, spoiler, glass, door anti-collision decoration strip, luggage rack, skylight, rearview mirror, door mechanism and accessories and sealing strip.

SAIC insists on using the safest and most environmentally friendly materials and processes at the beginning of every new car design, including the Roewe i6. Take chestnut for example, such as Roewe i6 dashboard PVC coating, central control armrest cover using water-based glue instead of solvent-based glue; instrument panel panel using plastic highlight injection molding instead of bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity board instead of bad smell, high VOC wood fibreboard; abandoning the harmful waste textile felt material, using suitable skin contact PET sound absorption material, and so on. Due to the application of healthy materials, the organic volatiles of Roewe i6 new cars are far lower than the “National Standard for Evaluation of Air quality in passenger cars”, the content of major hazards ethylbenzene and xylene is less than 4% of the national standard, and the content of formaldehyde is less than the national standard 1can5, and far lower than the competitive products, it is the “cure system” in the sedan chair.

1. Gradually uncover the film and gently slide the zinc layer with a knife where it is not easy to deform to help uncover the film. The glue at the bottom must be removed. It will be easier to clean it by using some diesel or other chemicals. Car glass film is used on buses. A layer of thin film particles hung from the front and rear windshield, roof glass and luggage rack. This kind of film can reduce the damage caused by UVA reflection to the equipment and technicians in the car. It can reduce the concentration in the car through mechanical anti-skid, reduce the use of air conditioning in the car, and improve the economy.

Xingyi vacuum plastic glue quality assurance automobile interior decoration refers to automobile ceiling, carpet, floor mat, dashboard, interior door panel, seat, trunk luggage rack and spare tire cover plate, etc., they are usually formed by multi-layer non-metallic materials in the manufacturing process, and the connecting materials are mainly various adhesives. Due to the active chemical properties of isocyanate, no matter in the process of storage or construction, isocyanate components must not come into contact with water, alkali and acid, otherwise chemical reactions will occur, resulting in paint failure. The investment cost is low, and there is no need for solvent recovery and fire and explosion-proof facilities.

front enclosure heat insulation pad, luggage decoration liner, car wheel cover, automobile rear partition,