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a clean soft towel , evenly pat an appropriate amount

a clean soft towel , evenly pat an appropriate amount

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After washing the windshield clean, we can continue to draw circles, left and right, up and down the car windshield with car wash mud. Car wash mud can remove stubborn stains on the car windshield. If we encounter a little resistance in the process of cleaning with car wash mud, it proves that the position has not been cleaned. Just do a few more times in the same position. After completing these steps, rinse with clean water to avoid leaving a mark on the glass. after washing, remember to dry the moisture on the windshield with a dry towel to avoid the attachment of dust.

At 11:00 on the same day, two love delivery trucks loaded with rest assured, warm and delicious food set off from the “Central Kitchen” of the Yishan Scenic spot Development Service Center. According to the determined route, the love lunch was sent in turn to 46 elderly people in Wangjiazhuang Village and other four villages. The old man or his children, under the guidance of food delivery volunteers, received braised potatoes with braised meat, fried kidney beans, towel gourd and egg soup and two steamed buns as lunch.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust in the car (car dashboard, seat gap and blanket) from top to bottom, throw away the soot and dirt in the ashtray and cushion the cushion. Then scrub the laminated glass with semi-wet cotton towels and polished towels, and wipe the rims and the bottom of the car with semi-wet cotton towels (the pure cotton towels for cleaning the interior and laminated glass should be separated from the pure cotton towels for scrubbing the door frame, body bottom and rims).

The warm air temperature should not be too high when driving in winter, otherwise it is easy to cause drowsiness and accidents, especially in the process of highway driving. Secondly, it is recommended to half-open the window so that the air has a certain circulation; the car can use a car humidifier, soil method can also put a wet towel in the car on the dashboard or drink plenty of water.

The traditional way of hot compress is “dry hot compress”: this way of using hot water bag or warm bag, although the heat preservation effect is more lasting, but relatively, it is more prone to scald, especially for the elderly, the temperature sensitivity is poor, so accidents often occur. Another kind of wet and hot compress is heated with wet towels, which must be heated repeatedly in order to maintain the appropriate temperature and achieve the effect of hot compress.

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Most high-end cars have leather seats. When cleaning, chemical cleaning agents can not be sprayed casually. Alkaline detergents such as soapy water should be used. Soak the clean soft towel in warm water, evenly apply appropriate amount of soap on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat. After soaping, ventilate and dry, then wipe it twice with a clean, soap-free wet towel. This method is also suitable for cleaning plastic parts in door decorations and dashboards. The reason is that soap has strong decontamination power, does not stimulate human skin, and is more practical for leather cleaning. After cleaning, dry with cotton paper or soft towel to prevent scratching the leather. You can also dry the leather naturally in a cool and ventilated place, but do not use a hairdryer to dry the leather quickly.

a clean soft towel , evenly pat an appropriate amount

The so-called fresh-keeping bag, it is a transparent thin bag, all kinds of things are clear inside, obsessive-compulsive disorder go out, shopping, you can use it to hold some things that you want to be isolated from the bag, cheap and easy to use! It can hold cosmetics, small combs, small mirrors, and small towels. As long as it is something small and not sharp, it can be installed and well preserved! Of course, it is possible to leak, after all, it is only plastic, not diamond ha!

Then glaze the eclipsed instrument panel and choose the dashboard protectant in line with the model, which has a good effect on color protection. Spray special protective agent, gently polish with towels, steering wheel, steering rod also need, protective agent range as far as possible according to the order from top to bottom, the effect can be quickly presented.

In the boarding case: three sets of diapers (6 diapers, one small fart cream, one bag of butt wipes, all in a portable diaper bag, with diaper pads), electric milk suction and its accessories, one baby auxiliary bowl, two spoons, one section of baby puree 2 packs (pouch pack, easy to carry and eat), two bags of closing wipes, two sets of baby long sleeves change laundry, and one baby coat. Adults change a set of long-sleeved shirts (in case of vomiting or pulling on the body to replace), a thick blanket for the baby, a hat, a gauze towel, a compact wash bag, portable battery, a lightweight down jacket for adults, an adult thermos cup, a small package of return documents, 5 plastic garbage bags, and a small bag of baby finger snacks packed separately in fresh-keeping bags. All of the above items came in handy, except for the milk suction, portable battery and the change of clothes for adults and children.

There are many special antifogging agents for automobile glass, which can effectively prevent fog in the car. Its usage is to scrub the inside of the windshield first, then spray the antifogging agent on it, dry it for 1-2 minutes, and then wipe it clean with a dry towel. Generally, one spray can prevent fog for 5 to 7 days.

Leather seats are afraid of being scratched by hard objects, and even more afraid of being corroded by chemical cleaning agents. The transparent soap with minimal corrosiveness not only has good decontamination power, but also has a soft and shiny leather surface after drying. The specific method is to soak in warm water with a clean soft towel, evenly pat an appropriate amount of soap on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat. At this time, if the towel is dirty, it is proved that the decontamination effect is remarkable. Dry after soaping and wipe twice with a soap-free wet towel. In this way, the skin is clean and fluffy and refreshing as before. The method is also applicable to the plastic parts in the car door decoration and dashboard. The reason is that soap (soap) has strong decontamination power, no irritation to human skin, and is more practical for leather parts.