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lipstick and paper towel s in it, and there is

lipstick and paper towel s in it, and there is

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In addition to her schoolbag, Xiaoyu also brought quilts and cutlery to school, because her mother gave Xiaoyu a school afternoon care. The school eats lunch in the classroom at noon, and the thermal insulation lunch box is uniformly equipped by the school. Students need to bring their own soup bowls, spoons and a small square towel to pad the lunch box. Mother gave Xiaoyu a wet paper towel, cut a small cut on the top of the tissue bag, and told Xiaoyu that he could tear it open from here. The eating utensils were neatly packed into a transparent handbag by my mother, whose name was pasted on the outside and covered with a layer of transparent glue.

lipstick and paper towel s in it, and there is

Most of the car dashboards are made of plastic. Plastic under the joint action of sunlight, ultraviolet and ozone, there will be aging, cracking and other phenomena. For the maintenance of the interior of plastic parts, apply clean protective water wax on its surface, which can effectively prolong the service life of plastic parts. The plexiglass shell on the dashboard needs to be wiped with a better quality towel to avoid scratches because of its low hardness.

People feel sleepy in a car with hot air, which is also a big discomfort for many people when using air conditioners in winter. In winter, the climate itself is relatively dry, coupled with a long period of dry hot wind blowing directly, which will inevitably cause facial moisture loss and aggravate the sleepiness of the car owner. in view of this problem, first of all, the warm air temperature should not be too high when driving in winter. At the same time, the air conditioning outlet should not blow directly to the face, and then spread a wet towel on the dashboard in the car, or directly place a car moisturizer, it will feel much better.

The capacity of the bag is relatively large, the open design is clear at a glance, which doubles the convenience of taking items; inside the bag, there are mesh bags, paper towels, headphones, coins, keys, bus cards and other small items, which are very convenient to take and put; semi-hidden zippers, elegant and elegant, while increasing rigor.

It enables you to quickly master the core technology, and our brand is available for you. In addition to car sag repair, Henan Lingyun Automobile repair Vocational training School also provides a series of automobile surface services, such as windshield repair, car wheel hub repair, headlamp repair, car rapid paint repair, and so on. In addition, because we have worked for more than ten years, we have won the praise of many car owners and friends, and we have also expanded the business of professional trainees, including car depression repair training, windshield repair training, car wheel hub repair training and so on. In the process of repairing the windshield, first clean the damaged glass with a dry towel, and then vacuum the glass cracks with professional equipment. Vacuum work is very important.

Misoperation of all metal fittings will also lead to discoloration and oxidation of the metal layer, shedding of the antioxidant layer, and so on. For example, the lock of the bag, brooch and other metal parts should not come into contact with irritating disinfection products such as alcohol. To avoid fatal damage to its appearance. In addition, daily use of hand cream, nail remover, oil stains, essential oils, wet paper towels and so on will produce chemical reactions.

lipstick and paper towel s in it, and there is

The version of the bag is also positive, simple atmosphere color is also good-looking, daily go out with mobile phones, keys, paper towels can be put down. The workmanship is also relatively fine, fashionable and comfortable to the touch. The quality of the bag and hardware accessories are good, so it is worth having

The bag is opened and closed with two-way zipper, and the simple single-layer cubicle design makes it more intuitive for you to pick up items. We put mobile phones, headphones, card bags, perfume, keys, lipstick and paper towels in it, and there is still extra space for pressed powder, portable battery and other small items. The front zipper pocket can also be used to hold flat objects such as papers.

This cabinet embodies my incomplete minimalism incisively and vividly, and it is not completely minimalist. I usually buy paper towels, masks and other things in a big bag. I still have my own newspaper collection in the corner of the cupboard. I seldom read the newspaper after high school, so I sometimes collect it when I encounter it. Because there was a need to take notes before, I also stocked up a lot of draft paper. There are two bags that are not commonly used. Generally, they will use the smaller one to carry the computer when they go out in the city, and they will install both computers when they go out of the market for a long time.

Old drivers all know that the high temperature of the car is not only reflected in the air inside the car, but also a key embodiment is in the interior decoration. Generally, the temperature of the exposed car, seat, steering wheel, windshield, skylight and so on will reach the highest point, so if you want to reduce the temperature in the car and reduce the temperature of the interior decoration, you can use towels directly without any props. Stick cold water to wipe all parts simply, although it is a small action, but it will ensure that you will not burn your hands while lying on the steering wheel and your buttocks will not be burned while driving.