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The size 22 handbag is large, and the small

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small

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Feather handbag / plush shoes in daily wear, sometimes you will feel that the matching is too plain, you can decorate it with some trinkets or individual items. It can not only enrich the style, but also brighten the color. For example, feather handbags and plush shoes are a good choice, you can add luxury in the insipid shape. Not suitable for large areas of fur and fluff, just the use of simple small area collocation, so that the style is integrated into the whole. Main points: when decorating the style with accessories, we should not only pay attention to the harmony of the style, but also pay attention to the collocation of colors. For example, shoes can echo the color of the bag. Or you can use the same color of the inner lap or scarves, headbands and the color of the bag echoes, will make the overall shape more harmonious.

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small size can hold a 13-inch laptop, but in fact, the chain of this bag is relatively thin, so carrying heavy objects will put a great burden on the shoulders, or it is more suitable to hold some documents or daily necessities.

The casual handbag combines the design elements of shopping bags, the horizontal structure is wider and shallower, and it is more concise and fashionable than last season. The mini briefcase conforms to the development trend of the mini bag, with trendy dignity and multi-functional elements, and the compact and perfect shape uses metal fasteners similar to luggage locks. Luggage products are clothing decorations, and the contents of their international fashion trends are usually consistent with the international fashion trends of clothing. The specific content includes color tendency, material tendency and design tendency. Finally, through the collective choice of consumers to form a real sense of popularity.

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small

LOULOU handbags range from small shoulder bags to oversized bags, which can meet the needs of different height! The soft but square structure is quite durable, with front flip closed and quilted V-shaped finishes, with magnetic buckle fixed flip, making the whole body look quite cute. The front of the bag is decorated with the classic YSL logo, which is simple and neat, while the inside is decorated with a leather logo patch and two compartment zipper pockets, which can well collect and distinguish between personal belongings.

When packing a bag, it is recommended to choose a satchel, because the oblique bag is younger than most bags, and the backpack can show a more stable effect, which is suitable for middle-aged awakening clothes. For mature and dignified handbags, the strap satchel is not only easier, but also more casual youth

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small

Usually look at big bags, because you can put a lot of things, practical is really practical, but still a little tired of seeing ha ~ Xiao Qi will wash your eyes today! Last mini handbag ~

13 green shark trousers bag: a word umbrella skirt green and purple this set of collocation is also very classic very exquisite, is the color is not very suitable, if in the darker point, really very good-looking. 14 blue shark pants simple h-bag: ace baseball cap airplane bag metal shoulder bag white letter handbag is generous and stylish, the bag appears more exquisite

The woman said that her handbag contains two stored value cards from the supermarket and the stored value card from the cake shop, which is worth more than 2,000 yuan and has little cash. She hopes that the lady who took her bag will take the initiative to return the bag, and she is willing to give it a certain reward.