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cover their mouth and nose with wet towel s or clothing, bend

cover their mouth and nose with wet towel s or clothing, bend

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2, encounter rainy days, our windshield, rearview mirror often hang rain beads, at this time we need rainproof agents, rain enemies have rain-proof water drive function, can let the car glass have lotus leaf effect, so that the rain can not lie on the glass to affect the line of sight, add protection for driving, 3, the indoor temperature difference is very large in winter, often make our car glass inner wall water fog. Then gently wipe the seat, at this time, if the towel will become dirty, it is proved that the decontamination has a significant effect, wipe the soap-free wet towel twice after cleaning, the leather surface is clean and fluffy, fresh as before, this method is also suitable for door interior decoration and instrument panel plastic parts, the reason is that soap (soap) has strong decontamination.

At the cross-district operation service station of agricultural machinery at Bozhou South exit of Ji-Guang Expressway, our city has specially prepared heat prevention items such as mineral water, towels, soap, wind oil essence and other heat prevention items and cross-district operation information manuals, safety knowledge of agricultural machinery, a letter to the majority of agricultural machinery operators, and so on. Du Yanan urged the staff to enthusiastically do a good job in reception service, provide timely and accurate information for foreign agricultural machinery workers, guide diversion scientifically, and ensure their safe, smooth and efficient operation in our city.

We can use soap to make a rich foam, apply the foam evenly on the range hood, focus on the oil stains, wet apply it on the fan leaves with hot towels, wait a few minutes and scrub the leaves with towels, the oil stains can be easily wiped clean, and finally simply rinse them with water.

4. When passing through a smoke-filled fire, personnel should cover their mouth and nose with wet towels or clothing, bend down and move forward quickly, do not take a deep breath, and minimize the possibility of inhaling toxic gases into the body;

The content of hexavalent chromium compound in the leather material of electronic products and skin is in line with the requirements of the directive, and whether it can be sold to towel drying is a kind of towel cleaning equipment. Towel drying is generally used to remove moisture from towels and other cloth after washing and dehydration. The inner tube of towel baking turns forward and reverse, so that the fabric is dispersed and heated evenly, and the moisture produced during fabric drying is discharged through the ventilation system. To dry the fabric.

3. Disinfect the product contact surface of the equipment and tools in the packaging workshop before the daily packaging operation. Countertops and equipment should be wiped with disinfection towels and sprayed with disinfectants (such as alcohol). Sterilized towels should be cleaned and disinfected regularly;