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Everyone has several handbag s, which are most afraid of

Everyone has several handbag s, which are most afraid of

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It can play the role of icing on the cake, if you want to show the elegance of a lady, it is necessary to choose a delicate handbag to make the girl look delicate, generous and beautiful, and it is more suitable to use a white bag. It is full of artistic atmosphere to blend with the white skirt, which brings unusual fashion charm, fresh, attractive and aging.

In terms of the color of leather, the handbag is dark brown leather! As for the handle, it is amber acrylic. The bag is super good in texture and durable in manufacture, while the ground cowhide material has a strong sense of fashion. I have to say that these hot styles are really too valuable ~!

Because Chanel can definitely be called a “lover”, when designing the classic 2.55 chain diamond handbag, she skillfully designed a hidden zipper sandwich inside the bag to hold the love letter “love letter bag”. (it is also quite for the sake of the female compatriots, ha)

Everyone has several handbag s, which are most afraid of

On Aug. 29, a woman in Shunde, Guangzhou, took her baby to a long trip and put her baby into a white handbag. The baby looked like a full moon and slept soundly without crying. Attract netizens to watch. Some netizens are worried that others do not know there is a baby inside, but what to do if they are hit and pressed?

Handbags and sub-bags are also necessary items for concave styling. The capacity of the handbag does not need to be that large, but the design of the mind also helps us to get a lot of space. This handbag looks elegant and convenient with fluffy handles and shoulder bags. Letter bags give us more choices, small bags look more delicate, and large bags give people a sense of elegance. The choice of package in collocation is very important. Bags that fit the style will look more comfortable. A large-capacity bag can give people a lot of space in autumn, and the temperature difference will change greatly in the morning and evening in autumn. You can also make a reasonable sunken shape by putting a small coat into the bag. So what is needed in early autumn is a large-capacity bag, which looks very practical and fashionable ~ return to Sohu to see more

The joint name of BoxLunch can be said to be the best in the game. At first glance, it is just an ordinary handbag, but if you look closely, you will find that there is a very small and lovely wand on the handle, and different wands have different colors and materials, which are skillfully integrated with the bag.

Everyone has several handbag s, which are most afraid of

Ji Cunxi CIRRUS series of handbags retro shape design is very good-looking, hit my heart! The smooth lines on the outside of the bag are like clouds in the sky, the design of the flow moire adds the retro art of the bag, and the overall outline is simple and generous, full of charm. This bag combines the beauty of Eastern and Western art, using traditional technology to make leather products, combining modern technology and high-quality raw materials, inheriting traditional culture, keeping up with the modern trend, the unique design style will certainly attract many consumers with personality. Leather material is selected by craftsmen meticulously, using the first layer of cowhide with good natural characteristics, and the lining is light and soft sheepskin, high-grade material selection, highlight the texture.

Printing patterns and logo on Kraft paper bags gives people visual enjoyment. Handbag is the “propaganda language” of walking, and it is the main tool of information transmission. A successful handbag design needs to visually give people beautiful feelings, trademarks and words, and display these information in different aesthetic sensations. This requires professional design services and printing services enterprises to do a good arrangement. Innovation is reflected in trademark design. Trademark is the identification symbol of a commodity, trademark is a symbol, only the pattern design of the handbag is in line with the favor of consumers, consumers will show to more people. Clearly and accurately convey brand information for brand promotion. Handbag in the transmission of information at the same time, practical, convenient for consumers is its “main job”.

Everyone has several handbags, which are most afraid of pressure and take up space everywhere. With this bag storage bag, the family immediately becomes neat and tidy. The key is that this bag storage bag does not have to spend money to buy. You only need to transform a few non-woven bags.

Everyone has several handbag s, which are most afraid of