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item on the handbag . Generally speaking, the old Gucci

item on the handbag . Generally speaking, the old Gucci

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A photo of teenage robbery posted by netizens is going viral on Chinese social networking sites. The photo shows two men running down the street, one of them carrying two luxury handbags.

Qi Wei as a fashion queen in the entertainment industry, she carries countless things, especially various styles of bags, whether chain bags or handbags, large bags or small bags, the backpack is not the same every day, it is simply a “walking bag grass planter”.

item on the handbag . Generally speaking, the old Gucci

Zhao Lusi is very fond of this bag, which is somewhat similar to the design of a handbag. Although the bag is small and looks delicate and small, it can be carried very well.

In fact, despite the fact that Xu Jiaqi is only 20 years old, her mature appearance and temperament are the best advantages to control the fur style. for example, although this pink fur has a good sense of sweetness with aging, it is set off by her short hair shape and cold temperament. Fur presents the wearing effect and stable maturity of high-end, if you do not look at her handbag items, I still think that the brand clothing she endorses has the high-end sense of a model.

It is recommended to choose a color that complements the color of the dress when choosing the handbag. If the dress is relatively quiet as a whole, you can choose the more expensive handbag with diamonds or gold; on the contrary, if the dress and makeup are already exaggerated and complex, the choice of bags should be as monotonous as possible. Finally, if you go with a dress, the bag must be smaller.

In a corner of the warehouse, the handbags that have been packed stand out. According to reports, these are “individual bags” for medical personnel, ranging from hats to protective clothing, masks, shoe covers, gloves, and so on, to ensure that medical personnel can “carry bags for duty” when they have tasks, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also provide more comprehensive protection for sampling staff.

item on the handbag . Generally speaking, the old Gucci

In the brand-name bag market, the most common bag is Gucci, an Italian fashion and luxury brand. Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, is a world-renowned luxury boutique brand, deeply loved by people. The bag design is marked with a double gg, which is the first luxury item on the handbag. Generally speaking, the old Gucci bag can also be recycled, because in the handbag of the brand, people pay more attention to the practicality of the handbag and pay more attention to the logo of the handbag. In general, bags with high recognition are very popular, and it is important that Gucci handbags meet this and will also bring second-hand market value to handbags. The recycling price of Gucci bags can reach a discount of about 3-20% of the original price, and whether it is high or low depends on the bag itself, such as the style, quality and accessories of the bag.

On the back of the bag is also very fastidious, in general, the elderly can directly choose armpit bag or handbag. When you go out of the street, you can also emphasize the waistline by sloping, wearing a fashionable and playful effect.

To determine the style is the first prerequisite for the selection of bags, after all, there are too many styles of bags, such as one-shoulder bag, double-shoulder bag, shoulder bag, handbag and so on. Let me introduce you to some classic bag styles: