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carrying books, gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies,

carrying books, gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies,

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But German tourists are not popular, and many of the complaints in Europe involve German tourists, who have gone too far at European beach resorts and have been described as “drunk for 25 hours a day,” according to a survey by YouGov. Of course, the Germans are best known for getting up at 05:45 in the morning and occupying the recliner by the pool with a towel. YouGov surveyed people in 26 countries to determine which countries are more popular-and German tourists are definitely among the top five worst tourists in Europe. On the one hand, people want to take advantage of the end of the epidemic to make money for the Germans. On the other hand, at the end of the summer, the whole of Europe will breathe a sigh of relief because the Germans are finally returning home.

Citizens and tourists in Xiaoyushan Park come together to play, walk their children, have picnics, climb the pavilion and look out against the fence, where red reefs, fine waves, colorful sails, golden beaches and smooth coastlines can be clearly seen. Small Qingdao, trestle, Qingdao TV Tower, signal Mountain Park and other scenic spots can also be seen, the essence of the island city, a panoramic view.

Furthermore, mesh camping bags are incredibly versatile and can serve various purposes outside of camping trips. They can be used for picnics, beach outings, hiking, and even as an extra storage option at home. Their sturdy build and flexibility make them suitable for carrying not only camping gear but also groceries, sports equipment, or any other bulky items you need to transport.

carrying books, gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies,

Another popular option for summer travel is the duffel bag. Perfect for short getaways or a weekend at the beach, the duffel bag offers ample space in a compact design. Look for a duffel bag with a sturdy construction and water-resistant material, ensuring that your belongings stay dry even during unexpected summer showers. Some duffel bags also come with wheels and a retractable handle, making it easy to maneuver through crowded airports or long walks to your accommodation.

Another advantage of using reusable bags is their versatility beyond grocery shopping. These bags can be utilized for a wide range of purposes such as carrying books, gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies, or even as a fashionable tote when going out. By making reusable bags a part of our daily lives, we can significantly reduce our reliance on disposable bags, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly mindset.

The key feature of a travel shoe bag is its ability to accommodate multiple pairs of shoes. This means you can effortlessly pack your comfortable sneakers for long days of exploration, a pair of stylish heels for nights out, and perhaps even a pair of sandals for those relaxing beach walks. Regardless of the occasion, you can now easily carry all the shoes you desire, thanks to this innovative accessory.

Moreover, the addition of the zipper enhances the versatility of these bags. They can be used not only for grocery shopping but also for a wide range of purposes, such as carrying books, gym clothes, or even beach essentials. The convenience of having a zipper makes it an excellent choice for those always on the go, as it allows you to keep your belongings safe and organized.

carrying books, gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies,

The towel industry is the characteristic industry of the beach village of Dongzhuosu Town in our city, and it was awarded the title of “Taobao Village” by Ali Group in 2020. The party branch and village committee of Beach Village gave full play to their own advantages and set up a live platform for the promotion and sales of towels. Jin Guozhan, secretary of the party branch, went into the studio to personally endorse the products with local characteristics, which not only brought out the sales of the products, but also opened up a new way to revitalize the countryside.

Friendly reminder: the two rivers and four banks in the main city of Chongqing are more suitable for camping and picnics during the day, but do not spend the night to prevent sudden flooding. Recently, the river in Chongqing has risen, and some of the beaches have been flooded. Everyone should understand it in time.